Vacation in France

The masterpiece of Golden Globe winner Martin Scorsese appears on August 16 at paramount home entertainment on DVD, Blu-ray combo, 3D Blu-ray super set as well as 3D special edition Hamburg, 06.07.2012 – after the death of his father the 12 year old orphan living Hugo (Asa Butterfield) within the walls of a giant train station in Paris by 1931 Hugos only memorabilia of his father are alone a mysterious notebook and a broken robot a kind wind-up figure that Hugo’s father (Jude Law) before his death in tried to repair his watchmaker workshop. Hugo’s life between ticking clocks and always on the alert for the strict stationmaster (SACHA Baron Cohen) the curious Isabelle takes a decisive turn when he meets (Chloe Moretz): it has a key that can bring the robot to life. With the help of his new friend, Hugo comes an extraordinary secret, that will be and change the lives of all those involved in a magical way. At the end of this mystery leads him to a safe and secure Place he can call ‘home’. In addition to five Academy Awards “Hugo Cabret” Martin Scorsese brought Golden already the globe for Best Director. The film pulls viewers no matter whether large or small with splendid images, a poignant and magical history and dynamic action in its spell.

The beautiful and original adventure top director Martin Scorsese finally will be on August 19, 2012 at paramount home entertainment on DVD, Blu-ray combo, 3D Blu-ray super set as well as 3D Special Edition *. This limited special product in a blue metal box includes the 3D Blu-ray, standard Blu-ray DVD Steelbook as a branded watch. The beautiful hand wound skeleton watch is a replica from the time of the film, and for every fan a real gem. WELCOME TO A WONDERFUL TRIP! With the presentation of the award-winning children’s book “The discovery of Hugo Cabret” his personal Declaration of love for Scorsese is dedicated to the cinema.

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