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Urea in agriculture: application in subsurface This small text intends to display to the agriculturist and excessively interested parties, the reason of if always applying urea in the ground in subsurface. The urea fertilizing is nitrogenado very used in agriculture. To the being applied in the ground and to enter in contact with this and its microrganismos, it suffers a breaking and if it transforms into ammonium. This in turn, in conditions high temperature and low humidity that generally occurs well in the surface of agricultural ground, favors the transformation of this composition in ammonia. This last one is a gas and, in this manner, the urea application in the surface provokes the exalao of a bad odor that is the gas ammonia and constitutes a loss of fertilizer for the agriculturist. As in layers deeper (subsurface), the temperature of the ground is lesser in relation to the surface and, moreover, generally it has greater humidity, being this last also important one to inhibit the transformation of ammonium in ammonia, always sends regards to apply this fertilizer in subsurface. Chemical preparation from: MATSON, P.A. ; BILLOW, C.; HALL, S.; ZACHARIASSEN, J. soil Fertilization practices and variations control nitrogen oxidates emissions from tropical to suck cane. Journal of Geophysical Research, v.101 (13), p.18533-18545, 1996.

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