Vacation in France


1,2 Social origins of the flamenco one: the gypsy, the miner, the day laborer and the proletarian In spite of that they consider that flamenco is a cultured art popularized , an artistic reflection on the existence of the town and not a popular anonymous creation, a quintaesenciado art of the town Andalusian, other people’s, therefore, to the social base carries out that it and reproduces, the flamenco one constitutes, first of all, a device result of the conjunction of a musician-cultural tradition Andalusian and a series of determining partner-historical conditions of the life of its inhabitants, to those who it will serve as half of expression of its fundamental preoccupations the flamenco one is the elementary shout of a town sunk in the poverty and the ignorance, affirms to R. Oil mill. It is necessary to look for, then, social origins and not that tried artistic and nonpopular elitist genesis fruit of an interpretation broken ties more or less correct with the life of the town. Since perhaps if some academic intervention in the fixation of the diverse sorts cannot be denied, this one, in no way, can annul the root completely substantive of the flamenco one: the flamenco one is town over any other thing, is the confession of Andalusia. The flamenco one constitutes, then, a product specifically Andalusian, a existential Andalusian, created by the town Andalusian and like via of expression of the existential problems does not stop the town that have urgeed to him, reflecting, therefore, the socio-economic conditions in which the life of its inhabitants has been developed. In that conformation of sings jondo we have stated previously the importance of the gypsy contribution Andalusian, but also it will have vital nongypsy, originating one importance, as well, of different social sectors: workers mainly agricultural of the great large estates, proletariado urban formed by rural emigrants in its majority and proletariado miner, who, next to the minority gypsy-Andalusian, they will form the nucleus around which she will be born and grow the flamenco one.

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