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Anna Birkhold – The Chamber On The Sixth Floor

A presentation of the book of the Araki Verlag Leipzig a multi-layered novel u? ber courage and self-confidence. It was released on August 25, 2010 in the Araki Publisher and was in the suggestion list to the youth Book Prize 2011 u? taken. The Chamber on the sixth floor of the story of Franz Widmann”is Anna Birkholds first release from their already considerable oeuvre. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Margaret Loesser Robinson. The author knows how to draw vivid pictures with the language. The novel includes several verknu? pfte storylines and psychological levels. Nevertheless, it can be read with ease. Grandfather tells the story of his childhood to his six grandchildren. He economic? when once again in the role of the little boy and also the adult reader lets his feelings? hlswelt are transparent.

Mother and son have been left by the father and move into a new apartment. Because the mother has to work to feed both, Franz at the old man to lunch, the u eat? ber them lives on the sixth floor. In the first encounter in the hallway this is really him, but fear settles quickly and the two become friends even. The old man gives him the impetus to development of a schu? chternen Schu? ler, who themselves don’t trust a confident boy who knows what he wants. On the way there he experiences many adventures, gets some faithful friends and discovered his great love… 115 pages paperback with thread stitching 9.90 ISBN 978-3-941848-04-7

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