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“We provide authors with the application additional selling channels and” Readers vice versa real added value through additional access opportunities”, commented on the new development Schober. A study of the U.S. market research firm Gartner according to worldwide sales rose in the first quarter of 2011 as compared to the previous year to 19% on a total of 428 million-selling mobile phones. Almost every fourth mobile phone was a Smartphone, an increase of 85%. For this year, Gartner predicts a sale of 54.8 million tablets, representing a growth of 181% compared to the previous year. In the year 2012, the sales should rise worldwide to over 208 million units.

Saito: “the advent of touch devices offers great ways to transfer our expertise in digital self publishing to the mobile world us.” The new XinXii Web application is iOS – and Android compatible and will be available free of charge in the late summer of 2011 for all 7 languages from XinXii. XinXii XinXii is an online market place for written texts of all kind and length: eBooks, documents and books. In the Unlike conventional eBook stores offers a point of contact XinXii for looking for everyone who wants to sell his digital works in the Internet, the text away from the mainstream: for example fiction talents, advice from experts, spreadsheets by professionals, tutorials by users, business plans or handouts. Under nearly 7,000 authors have more than 12,000 titles, added every day many new uploads. XinXii was founded in 2008 by Dr. Andrea Schober and is now market leader in Europe. The digital self publishing platform is available in 7 languages and 3 currencies, Berlin is seat of the company. Press contact Dr. Andrea Schober corporate communications August Street 75 D 10117 Berlin Tel.: + 49 (0) 30 202 15 13 0 email: andrea.schober at _xinxii xinxii

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