Vacation in France

Boa Vista

Annual relation of Information Social Escolaridade? Illiterate 3630,46 is Joo of the Boa Vista – 2009 Degree of InstruoQuantidade% Until 5 Incomplete year of Basic 4,772 6,06 5 Complete year of Basic 7,052 8,96 Of 6 to 9 Basic Incomplete year of 7,876 10.01 Basic Complete 12,998 16.51 Incomplete Medium 6,339 8,05 Complete Medium 27,958 35,52 Incomplete Superior 2,369 3.01 Complete Superior 8,663 11.01 Complete Mestrado 234 0,3 Complete Doutorado 87 0.11 Total 78,711 100 Source: RAIS? Ministry of the Work and Job; FIESP Survey of the available vacant of job in the sectors industrial, commercial and of services, as well as of the profiles desired for each type of employer; This survey is made next to each company installed in the city, having organized itself the data collected for sector, desired profile and amount of available vacant. On the basis of it, is that if they will be able to prepare the courses of qualification of workmanship hand offered by the program. The demand for the profiles is that it will guide the preparation of the courses, in way that are come back to the formation of hand of qualified workmanship to fill the vacant in demand in the city. Establishment of partnerships for viabilizao of the program the establishment of partnerships has in sight, mainly, the necessity of financing of the program. The job generation is of the interest of other sectors beyond the dismissed population. The industry, the commerce, the sector of services, the public power, all has specific interests where it has offers of hand of qualified workmanship, or, in the case of the public power, that the unemployment level is reduced to the possible minimum. In reason of this, and also in sight of the necessity of financial resources and infrastructure that the program estimates, these partnerships are basic and they are not summarized to the financing.

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