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Its Zezinho (the Z Oliveira), of the Village Manoel Priest de N3obrega (Campinas) that costuma to say: to speak until parrot says. What I wise person am not that the popular said one could be applied to another type of bird, the Toucans (coitada of this so Brazilian bird that, for it, had unhappyly associated arbitrarily its figure to the partisans of null brasilidade, has seen the privatization that had made in the country). But balela of the moment is that now the Toucans (they pardon me birds) they say to want to fold the value of the Stock market Family, placed social program in practical for president Luiz Incio Lula da Silva, of the PT, and that it helped to take off millions of people of the line below of the misery. I do not find odd that the tucana swanking occurs in electoral year where Squid enters more than in its last year of as the mandate with 80% of approval of the population. It is the fear of the tucanizada elite, who as much distilled> preconceptions against the laborer come of the poverty and that it arrived in the Presidency of the Republic, of that Squid continues to make history as one of world-wide the leader greaters, since research points growth in the preference of voters for the candidate Dilma Roussef, who was minister of the Mines and Energy in the first mandate of Squid and currently is minister head of the Civil House. It is not secret that Dilma is reliable of Squid for its succession and, to increase the jealousy or would be of the tucanas wings, to choose, for the first time in the history of this country, a woman for president will be plus a great point in the day of Squid.

When knowing that the now apia opposition and until suggests to increase the value of the Stock market Family, president Lula, with the peculiar responsibility in its government, said to be happy that the social project has recognition even of adversaries at last, but that it does not advance to suggest increase without pointing where it will leave the mount of money. He is obvious that the opposition tries to instigate controversial eleitoreira. To the being bred the Stock market stock market donates. However, the Stock market Family if less became one of the most important instruments of transference of income for favored layers, never carried through in the country. When assuming the presidency, in 2003, Squid made moved uprising saying fondness to be the president who made possible three daily meals for all Brazilians. If not yet it obtained, with the Stock market Family, who is tied with the commitments with health and education, it if it very approached to the accomplishment, as much is that until Toucans they try to take off advantage of what they disdained. The people is not silly! Edson Silva, 48 years, journalist of the Assessorship of the Press of the City hall of Sumar email: edsonsilvajornalista@>

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