Vacation in France


If to be other people’s to the actions of these calhordas, we run the laugh to lose very of what already he is ours: our freedom. She is necessary to understand that the more the people to distanciar of the awful attitudes of that they imagine that they withhold the power, more and plus them go to believe vain conscience of them e, with certainty, will be in pushing for the well. Some prominences already had been announced, for the press, on the illusion of that the politics, in our country, is serious thing. Already it was ventilated that the programs and projects, of the government, are prioritized from social politics for the eradication of the misery of the people who if concentrates in the peripheries. But, in short, the programs and deriving projects of studies and analyses that aim at well-being of the people are, decidedly, obligation of the public managers. To mix maselas of improper politics with the carnavalescas festividades, would not be good thing, however what it does not have to be made and to forget that the people continues needed serious and compromissadas politics with the social problems. Diversion is good pra any one, but the solutions of the problems would have to happen before the parties, so that the people could amuse without concern with the next days. Many problems caused before the carnival had been not yet cured and the festividades, had been exactly thus guaranteed, however the reign of Momo expects after that the wounds they can be healed. The carnival can be, perhaps, our greater and better party, but never it could be used to make to silence the people or to make, this exactly people, to forget them promises and the lack of commitment and responsibility the ones that say to be managers of public good. The carnival always was and will continue being a great party of the Brazilian people, but in plateaus, at least, somebody has that to have samba in the foot.

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