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Car Manufacturers

In that case if you properly understand the issues in the auto brands, the special problems occur you should not. If something is unclear please ask. In the case of If you have difficulty distinguishing the Mercedes from the Japanese Toyota, then I would advise you to read books before you buy. Another major plus acquisition of a passenger car in the cabin – in addition to the machine you get the registration of all documents and papers, but also the supply of registration and insurance … In general, paid the money and go on the road. In the negative mode is brought what will have to be attributed to the cash amount at once.

Method 2. How to buy a car credit. This is definitely the most confusing way. Because for the purchase of new passenger cars in installments at the store you will need: the amount of down payment (15-50%), a document from the work place, etc. etc. and so on and so on run will have. In addition, you will have to pay additional interest on the loan. After all, not just salon provides loans, it is that makes a profit.

And better to say: gives you a bank loan, and not autoshop. Salon is the only mediator. Method 3. How to get a passenger car on the replacement of the old car. A third way to enjoy if you want to replace your old car. Briefly, the third way is to exchange an old car with a surcharge on the new one. Because this option is not discussed at various times avtoblogah to dwell on it will not. Method 4. How to buy a car on the market. The fourth council similar to the previous difference in only one. Markets operate, though almost every day (in most communities), but the sellers auto Car Market to go more often on weekends on. Car Market for all the offers are within walking distance, so if you do not make a deal with one – just come on to the next seller. From time to time it happens that the seller, with whom you do not agree on the price reduces the cost, if you go to a competitor. Then, as in the previous councils. Method 5. How to take the car with friends or friends. It is better to avoid the occurrence of such an option – buy a car with friends. If you do not want to lose your relationship with your relatives – will be better to take a car from a stranger. You certainly will be aware of all the imperfections of familiar cars, so you'll know it wonderfully appropriate price. A friend will be willing to sell the car as expensive as possible. On this basis, can be controversial. Therefore it is better do not attempt to conclude such a treaty with close: do not take them and do not sell your car. And before you buy a car, pay attention to how the engine is running! This was discussed in my article 'Check Engine for cars. "

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