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Casting Stars 2010: Bust, Jail, Separation!

The sobering balance sheet in the annual review enter officially the title Superstar, had the “X-factor” or allowed to call themselves Popstars before they ever brought the first album on the market. There are people from the people, people like Edita, Mehrzad, LVive and Freddy Sahin Scholl. They all won this year at a talent show. But also the jackpot is not all. It comes also to glory, honor and recognition, which will be denied to many. (TNN) While Freddy Sahin-Scholl (56) celebrates yet his got talent existence, others long ago looking for excuses for failed Sanges careers. American Idol winner Mehrzad Marashi (30), Vice Menowin Frohlich (23) and X Factor-Sternchen Edita Abdieski (25) have somehow lost these days. Related Group is likely to increase your knowledge. X factor one cannot compare with the other casting formats, Edita Abdieski, said shortly after her victory on 9 November, the reporter of a Swiss daily newspaper.

In the final was with 74,10 Abdieski awarded as a percentage of all calls to the winner. The Swiss with Macedonian roots has secured a record contract. Their first single, “I’ve come to life entered but only on position 9 of the German charts. Currently, she is on 37th place. Her album release was postponed until early 2011. Much worse, it hit the “American Idol” winner Mehrzad Marashi (30). His planned tour was cancelled entirely.

It managed to sell enough tickets the organizers. Was it due to the separation of Dieter Bohlen? Mehrzad separated in August of this year from successful producer and “American Idol”-Juror Dieter Bohlen (56), not 4 months after winning American Idol in April 2010 he doesn’t matter apparently at the audience. Bohlen said at the time the people have forgotten him after the World Cup to image. Also Menowin Frohlich (23) had big plans. The ex-con was second at DSDS and missed scarcely an opportunity to showcase his skills of the public. Whether on Mallorca or in parking lots, the Ingolstadter pulled out all the stops against public forgetting, slowed down but in the end even out. Sheila must assault again and now for 313 days back in jail. The newlywed Popstars-Band LVive leaves them little themselves be swayed. “We are getting very high and are top motivated,” Katrin, Meike, Sarah and Julia said in an interview with the colleagues of the newspaper look. Their first single, No. time for sleeping entered only at # 13 of the charts. Great hope, however, is winner Freddy Sahin Scholl for Got talent. His album, the eponymous single Carpe diem”recorded the highest new entry in the German singles and album charts (number 17) this week and in the coming year the 57-year old, who is half Austrian, wants to score song contest for Austria with his song Butterfly at the Eurovision. The hype surrounding Germany’s flagship-Freddy will continue probably continue for a time and Grandmaster of entertainment Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977) once said: Fame has nothing to do with popularity. Popularity keeps sometimes only by a gossip to the next”. Sean Quentin Dexter photo: Super Talent Freddy Sahin Scholl. (RTL/Stefan Gregorowius) TAGS: RTL Super Talent Freddy Sahin-Scholl, Carpe diem, American Idol, Dieter Bohlen, Mehrzad, Menowin, Pro7 Popstars LVive Vox X-factor, Edita, casting shows, balance, year in review, bust, jail, separation, fame, forget, failure TeleNewsNet Trevor Barnes (V.i.S.d.P) on Gross St.

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