Vacation in France


We must lose our fear we all have to climb on planes, because we know that, throughout the year, countless people who die in accidents Spanish roads traffic and all over the world. Today – an old friend, told me with which I have the habit of drinking coffee all day – the man/woman they tend to live greater number of years, beginning to work late, and retiring many before that in times past. Facts contrasted all morning, afternoon and evening by the news media. And is that in old age you spare us time, that mark watches as witnesses of the time which are (tic tac, tic tac clock). That are thousand years? Time is short for which thinks, and endless for which you want, emile Chartier.

What do you do?, where are you going?, who has called?, what thou shalt set eat?. These and many other conversations occur, in fact, within households, when retired men not desempachamos any activity. With that, without a doubt, to overrun us so much time to do nothing, we can reach to make us somewhat annoying – in our own homes – with our relatives. In any case, and if we think it convenient, wouldn’t be bad ploy integrate us into working groups to collaborate on humanitarian, religious, ecological tasks, etc. And this happens when older people know, better than anyone, what is important in life, what is accessory, what is worth doing or develop, what love is true and what is false if, since then, is true that humans have been attached to our minds loneliness, Yes, loneliness, when we are depleted in our physical and mental faculties. Because our ties with children – generalized families – will progressively weakening as we meet more years. And, without however, understands that longevity is a great leisure time, which allows us to dedicate ourselves to laboriosidades that highten the heart the man and the woman, and vice versa. And in this way we search and find tranquility in the soul, and serenity in our hearts, which are already at cansinos for the promised land. And this happens when older people know better than anyone, what is important in life, what is accessory, what worth doing, what love is the real and which is the fake today for today is not uncommon to check that the old man to be changed, with some frequency, since the domicile of a child to another in short spaces of time.

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