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Coaches with Charisma

The author of the article: Marianne business coach, organizational consultant for "Provocation growth talks in full swing. Client has already said, why is training and what is expected. Sympathetic to the requests: more practice – less theory. The following is the condition of the individual coach: "We need bright, with charisma." Such a wish can be heard almost from every other client. What is hidden under the requirement of "a coach with charisma? What guarantees gives the customer? And anyway, how to determine: a charismatic coach or not? Reflections on these issues have prompted me to write this story here. To answer these questions, I'll start with the definition of what charisma and what effect a charismatic personality has on learning outcomes. No such thing as charisma, now very popular. You can even talk about some "charismatic" spree at a training market.

But despite the hype around charisma, a common interpretation of such a thing as a no and no. To better understand the phenomenon of charismatic personality propose to consider it in three aspects: religious, political and psychological. Three aspects The roots of charisma I'm interested in concepts are deep into religion. The word charisma () of Greek origin and has the following meaning: Grace, God's grace, a divine gift. In Christianity, charisma was seen as gift of teaching or given over the possibility of proclaiming the word peace. Business coach and teacher-prophet have a very different purpose. At a training market, there are those for whom this combination is tempting, but do not forget about the danger Business coach and teacher-prophet have different destinations.

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