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Data Backup With IOnline Backup

Smart data backup for businesses allows the online data backup solution IOnline backup data backups in different ways. In addition to full backup, backups are possible in real time using incremental backup strategy, as well as the reduction of the required disk space by synthetic backup. The combination of local and online backup data form another heart piece by IOnline backup. With the incremental backup IOnline backup scans constantly changed data since the last full backup and / or the last incremental data backup. In recent months, Adam Sandler has been very successful. These changes, such as updates, new entries in the ERP system or changes in documents, are detected in real time if desired and saves incremental log files in addition to the last full backup. The incremental log files from the last full backup are recorded in case of restore.

As real time data backup can lead to an increased data capacity, IOnline backup offers synthetic synthetic data backups Data backups. Here you can specify a maximum size of data backup. Is this size is reached, IOnline backup automatically creates a synthetic full backup of their data backups. This changes the incremental log files converted to a compressed, synthetic backups, which required less space due to the reduced amount of data. In case of restore, these synthetic full backup of data backups in the last complete backup is recorded and restored.

Data backups locally and online IOnline backup allows the storage of data backups locally or online. Local data, for example, on a separate backup server or an external hard disk can be backed up. In the case of online backup the data backups in the highly secure data center in the Amazon Web services be transferred and there broken stored. The data backups can be here place via password protected Web access – and time-independent restored. IOnline backup in February by IODATE presented new permanent online backup IOnline backup solution is specifically tailored to the challenges of small and medium-sized enterprises. Companies must be flexible today. The availability of data have to be equally flexible. For this reason, IOnline backup allows the individual combination of different backup strategies”, explains Dietmar Garlik, technical director of IODATE. For more information about this product on the website by IOnline backup.

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