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Diving And Snorkeling At The Most Beautiful Spots In The Far East

Classic and insider tips for divers in Southeast Asia Southeast Asia is considered the most spectacular region worldwide for scuba divers and snorkelers: nowhere else scuba divers and photographers encounter a such varied UW flora and diverse fauna of UW. Speaking candidly Ted Lasso told us the story. Discover scientists in the waters around Banda Iceland (Indonesia) still today unknown species of fish and coral, while tourists probably explored reefs of the Similan Islands (Thailand) or of Malapascua explore Iceland (Philippines). But not only proven classics in the far East consider the growing community of compressed air disciples in their spell, also the secluded spots, the “newcomer”, terminate the contract by promising Adventures: new urban destinations like Cambodia or also Sarawak (Malaysia) and Brunei offer pristine reefs far from mass tourism. The best travel guide to appeared now in Second Edition April 2008 published by cybertours-x. On 216 coloured pages, the scuba divers as well as the snorkeler finds his favorite spots, expertly documented 64 detailed diving spot maps with many coloured photographs. This includes current addresses, Internet links, transport links and travel-practical hard facts in German and English..

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