Vacation in France


There for the decade of 90″ s when and hardly could speak sucit a denominated phenomenon fanaticism, in territories of the north as custom had been made already that to prevail in that place was to prevail in the world, even so that were a difficult task even for 5 native boys of the place. Million girls anywhere in the world not yet had idea than it would arrive at his lives one of that his servant. Sela Ward is likely to increase your knowledge. Would deal with that either had happened in advance before another artists famous like The Beatles or Elvis Presley, in aim each thing in his time and this era time of Backstreetboys, still without to know them I could to enamor with music that did and to begin to discover that me was turning into one fan, that of the small weekly savings that it owned removed to realise a call to any transmitter that is prepared to please it with its song, is not aware me in that then ones that she was not the unique one and the truth did not matter to me. But of happening of the years and the advance of the technology the mass media took control accessible more and more, obtaining that could know million people who shared my love, if! I said to love nonfanaticism if love by Backstreetboys, so that I discovered that many people other people’s to my tastes, did not make more than criticize and to damage the reputation of them and to despise to which they hear its music soon and begin to question themselves, like she is possible that people as I invest to time and money in something so ” tonto” , because simply that from that then I can say that I never thought to love somebody that it did not know but I did it still knowing that never it would as much know them by the enormous breaches distance, age, civil state, etc..

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