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Festival Venues

Who has the choice, the spoilt. In the summer, two world-famous festival sites attract to Salzburg and the history of the Wagner Festival in Bayreuth Bayreuth is long. Richard Wagner had wanted at the end of the 19th century a festival site, to perform his works in such a way that these performances as a pattern of the correctness of my next posterity can be handed down.” At least wrote the composer in a letter to Bavaria Ludwig II. Was such a thing as the patron of Wagner’s between. Between 1872 and 1875, the architect Otto Bruckwald made to design the Festspielhaus on the green hill in Bayreuth, under the guidance of the great Wagner, and to build. On 13 August 1876, it was ready, the first festival ran. The ring of the Nibelung”was listed. Despite financial support from the House of the King Ludwig II of Bavaria and in the Bayreuth patronage Association under Marie Countess of Schleinitz, the first Festival was a financial failure.

More than 140,000 Reichsmark debt had accumulated. Despite the artistic success, certainly represented the first Festival, the Festival was followed by only one. Only in 1882 ran the games with the world premiere of Parsifal”back on. Richard Wagner died a little later in the year 1883. At the beginning of the first world war concluded was Siegfried again until 1924 under direction of Wagner’s son continued the games. In the time of national socialism, the Wagner Festival in unzuglicher Leitkultur were issued. The proximity of Siegfried’s widow Winifred Wagner, who had taken over the management of the Festival in 1930, to Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler significantly contributed. Until today, it is common to play only the ten major works of Flying Dutchman to the Parsifal in Bayreuth.

The first post-war Festival began on July 30, 1951. The Festspielhaus has no fixed ensemble, because nothing has changed so far. Only to the seasons from July 25 until August 28, the Festspielhaus opens the gates. Each year 30 shows take place. For 58,000 tickets to the dispositions are available. So could a Hotel Bayreuth”still work around, however, demand is so great that more than 500,000 tickets could be sold. Hotels in Bayreuth could not handle such an onslaught of visitors. Those who get no ticket or hotel in Bayreuth, could instead make on the way to only 380 km from Salzburg. There is the Salzburg Festival since 1920″instead. Instead of Wagner, Mozart is in the foreground even if not exclusively. “But: A hotel Salzburg” timely book: the Festival attract more than 250,000 visitors annually to Salzburg. Opera, theatre and concerts: The portfolio in Salzburg is considerably more extensive than in Bayreuth. The Whitsun Festival last from May 25 to 28. The Olympics will begin this year on July 20 and ending only on 2 September, almost parallel to the Festival in Bayreuth. It is well worth the visit of both fixed venues, a hotel Salzburg has one”and a hotel Bayreuth”found you could commute Yes between the sites.

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