Vacation in France

General Agustin Gomez Arcos

Agusta GA “MEZ ARCOS (1933-1998)” … as elsewhere, the rich were on the right and left poor. The latter was given the generic name for red, a word uttered by a rich, was stamped on the face of the poor as a spit, as to be marked in it the signs of a new disease as contagious as the plague, cholera, leprosy. Red, word implacable, without any charity …. It was a short, stunted, disqualified, a word without love, with a lot of hate … “Agustin Gomez Arcos. THE VOICE gagged by THE FRANCO In the early sixties of the last century in our country are the works of new playwrights (mostly coincide, in his early work in a neo-realist line, whose most obvious feature is a critical , whipped and complaints against the Spanish company), is where the Spanish theater seems more open to a possible renewal since the end of the war provoked by the military rebellion General Franco.

However, the prohibitions of censorship and administrative pressures, coupled with the consequent inhibition of employers, prevented the renewal of this promising line neo-realist or social-realist. Most authors were doomed to silence or brand or text only minor works badly mutilated, almost all took refuge in the book and some even abandoned playwriting or chose exile. Of the latter, a trend postlorquiana a powerful and lively critical sense, is Agustin Gomez Arcos, whose premiere general elections took place in 1960, and soon he would be obliged to leave Spain for exile in France, where fully succeeded.

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