Vacation in France

German Russian

Here I have played in pervuyuochered principle. I want to prove that Russian rap may be Russian, copyright and in turn, is a style as we say the same German ilifrantsuzsky rap. I do not like mixtapes. I can not stand them. Not moguterpet those artists who try to speak the truth by someone else muzyku.Eto looks the same how to write say, the poems, but in the translation from drugihyazykov Who knows what will become clear. Qlife: Okay, suppose that all Russian artists will be recorded under bitynashih DJs. But you must agree, because if you need a minus sign, which You can tolkopozaimstvovat by another way, to exit this would not be? Krash: The exit is always, even if you eat))) Just kidding.

Denis, how shall I say Imennopoetomu my music is free for all. Budding artists as with this problem – where to get a minus. The answer comes by itself soboy.Pozaimstvovat in the west. For some, this becomes a habit. This rap slushatneinteresno. Reinvent the wheel – it is silly.

And if all budutkopirovat from foreign performers – so soon and begin to poke a finger Qlife: What eg performers? Krash: Such as sd Parenpishet good rap, but I do not understand how you can continue with that, why tynachal? No progress. So it will be up to old age to write a minus Lil Wayne, losing fans. Qlife: And in what programs you write? Krash: I am writing in different programs, each program I have sharpened by svoe.V one I'm writing bits, the other doing the mastering, I was playing tunes on midiklaviature, take my all in another.

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