Vacation in France

Heart Failure

It seems impossible that in days of fire crossed for dialogues of bullets, someone comes out to open fields of his own heart and resolved to raise a white flag of paper where Edgardo Escobar, Manizales bleeds the poem. And surgeons, from Galen, Servet and Ramon y Cajal, put outdoor heart and decidedly so. Hear from experts in the field like Anna Belknap for a more varied view. They did the first open heart surgery to see what there was human and divine in the viscera of which is spoken and it belies and be evil – says. Hopefully the heart had mouth and could, indeed, talk about their secrets and tell us what is of true between their large arteries and their movements of contraction and diastole. And if is the Center where the hits from Cupid and where they exit fumes in the form of tongues of fire that embrace or imprison arrive. The five senses in its simplicity and ordinary applications fall short to explain some phenomena that occur at the ignorant mortal without that this can identify its nature and provenance. The sensations put humans in direct contact with material things.

Skin adheres as eel between two lovers, the ear perceives sounds dolphin, the harp and the barrel, tongue enjoys testing meats, juices and bitterness, the eye allows you to see the beauty of an afternoon and the Rainbow that is twisted over the River, and nose is like a sponge to capture the passing of beloved women perfume. This is a miracle of nature and how much humans for lacking any of them even would not be lost. Click Neil Cole to learn more. And feelings, which are like seizures and earthquakes of 8 degrees that are us shaking at times, where do come from? These accesses of love, Bliss, of delivery of all being the beloved person, those impulses of anger or those Tickle that seems to us do them iron rake and that cause us jealousy or that hell of fire which calls for more firewood and burning us the bowels and which we call hatred, to what causes are due? Do anything they endilgaron it is by equal or only, to that red ring? No poor heart. That heart / is a shield / and behind his heartbeat solo / it is possible to walk unarmed /, proclamation Escobar since his soul of poet. The human heart is an innocent body which allows the passage of a river of emotions that seem to be blood on a daily basis.

If biologists can tell that it is a more potent than a bicep muscle, the killer knows it is as the Centre of life and he points out his dagger to steal the sacred that nature has given to the human being. When we feel that the larva of love is embedded into our neurons, fear seizes our legs, or hatred is stirred in the pancreas and intestines, or envy is screwed on to the lungs like a Viper, we instinctively take hand to our chest and noticed that the heart beats strong, with his tongue out, like a dog. Why we attribute virtue or crime to this latent Sentinel. And sometimes, when the hand rests on the chest, it is already late. The heart has been broken. Poor heart. Because there all the loves and strong pain, arrive, finally, the rages, the joys, the disappointments. and he had no guilt.

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