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How To Choose A Forklift

Today, forklifts are used in the processing chain of various industries: trade, transport and agriculture. Click actress to learn more. They also find application in new areas of business. In order to properly pick up truck, which will have a corresponding set of performance characteristics, it is necessary to evaluate a range of parameters: safety, service life, operating conditions, technical specifications, prices and specifications are t.d.Osnovnymi are its capacity, power and engine type, and height podema.Tip dvigatelyVybiraya type of engine, you should pay attention to such parameters as efficiency, noise level and power. Distinguished by type of motor diesel, gas, petrol and electric forklifts. The choice of the truck with one or another type of drive will affect the conditions for its further exploitation. If your loader will work outdoors or in well-ventilated room with high ceilings, you need a car with a diesel or gasoline engine. In confined areas, usually applied Gasoline truck mounted with a gas system. Maximum load capacity of trucks is 5 tons.

They are equipped with gas cylinders of capacity from 30 to 50 liters. The gas flow rate ranges from 4 to 8 cylinders week. Unfortunately, in Russia this kind of trucks did not get wide distribution because of not enough established network of gas filling stantsiy.Takzhe indoor widely used trucks fitted with motor. A variety of trucks on the basis of DC motors are models with an AC induction motor. These engines have a sealed construction, which prevents dirt, moisture and dust. Handlers on the basis of AC motors are suitable for use in harsh environments.

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