Vacation in France

Interstate Touring IST ADAC

To determine the best models of tires on the market these days are held regularly tests the summer and winter tires by independent organizations and experts. Despite the use of accurate methods for assessing operational qualities of a rubber, the final score of the bus is still largely influenced by the subjective factor, that is the opinion of those people who spend a specific test. For this reason, all results Tyre tests should be fully trusted, it is best to stay on the opinion of most competent and professional experts in this field. Among them, of course, are experts of the German automobile Club (ADAC), whose age is greater than a hundred years. The number of members of this prestigious and respected club in the automotive world has about sixteen million people. ADAC specialists are actively working to ensure that provide its members with maximum safety and comfort on the roads, which are held professional tests of cars and a variety of accessories. In particular, the Union of German car regularly testing tires and gives its recommendations on the operation of any tire.

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