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Jackeey Wallpaper

The program AndroidOS.FakePlayer has managed to get some Android devices under the guise of media player. Once the application is prescribed in the system, the program starts to send SMS-messages available in the the basis of telephone numbers and translate them money user. SMS-Trojans – is the most common category of viruses for mobile phones, but Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.FakePlayer.a is the first program of its class for the platform Android. Boxer is often quoted on this topic. Predict that in the near future should expect a large number of viruses for Android. In addition to the usual care and periodically scan for viruses phones Android owners can also rely on special protections available to Google. Most recently, used to remotely wipe devices for suspicious applications and users are therefore likely testing the viability stop outbreaks. In this case, the programs were simple, but in the case with the utility to change the wallpaper on Jackeey Wallpaper situation was already more severe because the program collects personally identifiable user information – text messages, phone numbers, passwords, and then sends it to one of the sites in China.

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