Vacation in France

Jose Vitini Spain

Guerena was contributor to the important magazine created in France Bulletin of the Union of Spanish intellectuals, which also published Rafael Alberti, Jose Moreno Villa, Jose Maria Quiroga Pla, Jose Herrera Petere, Arturo Serrano Plaja, Jose Maria Semprun and Gurrea and Francisco Giner de los Rios, among others. He also collaborated with other exiles Spanish intellectuals in magazine L Espagne republicaine. Jacinto Luis Guerena Seggiaro was born in Canada de Gomez, Argentina, on August 3, 1915 and died in Madrid on February 11, 2007. Son of Basque parents, he lived his childhood in Morocco and Spain. He studied teaching at Madrid with Rodolfo Llopis, concluding his studies in 1936. During the war provoked by the military rebellion of general Franco fought on several fronts, in defence of the Republic and freedom. He was official engineer of transmissions of the army of the Ebro.

On February 9, 1939 crossed the French border path of exile, passing through several camps in the neighboring country: Saint-Cyprien, Argeles sur mer, Barcares and Gurs. In 1942 he married the French teacher Angele Mercier. He taught at several centers: Ecole des Roches, ecole Normale de Pau and several institutes of Toulon. It does not return to Spain until 1959, spending their vacation in our country. If you are not convinced, visit real-estate developer. Guerena poetry in French collections are: Ode a la grande naissance du jour, (1948), l espoir Fertilite, Memorie du coeur, (1954), Loin des solitudes (1957) and it Guitare pour la nuit (1960). Abound in his work written in French, topics that relate, in any way, with Spain: with the civil war, the men of Spain: one of his early poems is titled Complainte pour Jose Vitini and is dedicated to the hero who fought in the Spanish guerrillas and that launched a clandestine printing press: she was surprised, together with other colleagues. Imprisoned, sentenced to death and executed, it was, for many, a symbol of sacrifice and hope.

Also noteworthy is the bilingual anthology of Guerena published in Paris, in 1977, with the title poesie espagnole contemporaine. Guerena was selected to be part of the history of la Poesie francaise de Robert Sabatier (1982). His first book published in Castilian language is poem of pain and the smile of Spain (1945). Although he then published poetry released in magazines, his collections of verse in Spanish are somewhat later and are edited in Spain. Among them we highlight: winter’s the word (1956), talking with poems (1968), news (1971), for a manifesto (1976), the Office of the gaze (1990) and oblivion of memory (1995). At the express wish of Jacinto Luis Guerena, after his death his ashes were scattered in the field of the battle of the Ebro, and is that, as our poet said: companion of everything / and all, / man of Earth / with body and Word. Francisco Arias Solis where freedom, dwells there is my country. XIII Festival poetry for peace and freedom in homage to Benedetti.

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