Vacation in France

Kathmandu Misio

Visited on a regular basis the carpet wholesaler Mischioff world’s various production sites at regular intervals visited the carpet wholesaler Mischioff world’s various production facilities that are working well for the Swiss company. On-site, discuss those new collections and clarify what fresh designs implemented in the production can be. Also in this spring, a trip was on the agenda of Dani Misio, who manages the Affairs of the Mischioff AG together with his brother Sascha for Nepal and India. The new autumn and winter collection is already running at full speed; in October, customers can admire the carpets on the news week. sting+hopes+that+punishing/10114207/story.html’>Christos Staikouras has plenty of information regarding this issue. The brothers Misio guide the Swiss family-owned company Mischioff AG ( already in the third generation. You are through their innovative and trendy design concepts instrumental for the high quality and individual Designteppiche of the company. All Mischioff are hand-knotted carpets and consist wholly of best natural materials.

In May of this year, Dani Misio attended the own factories in Kathmandu (Nepal) and Northern India for a week. The trip was the close cooperation with the producers of existing jobs and the planning for the new autumn and winter collection. Other important points were the monitoring of compliance with the quality standards, the inspection of the production conditions and the implementation of the self-imposed corporate philosophy to fair trade and environmental aspects. New autumn and winter collection goes into production Dani Misio is gone with a lot of new ideas and designs on the trip: I have can make me an impressive picture, which our new ideas to translate and which colours and materials we use for the new collections. My visit is also important so that I can convince myself yourself on-site about the working conditions of the employees in our factories. Protection of the environment and the idea of fair trade we are very close to the heart.

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