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Kids Games And Toys

It has long been known that one of the first baby toys – rattles. Accumulated and our first-born of quite a few – gave relatives and friends. But quickly tired of the child: they knock it on the cot, and throws a minute. But Masha nevalyasha that publishes the melodious and gentle sounds for a long time was his favorite. Maybe the secret here was precisely the difference in sound: monotonous rustling rattles troublesome child, and pure, delicate chime Mashie attracted and pleased him as the voice of a familiar person. Then we noticed that the kids listen to the sounds of very early, and then try to extract them yourself with different things: tapping a spoon on a mug, lid on pan, etc. Probably, at this time would be good musical toys such as xylophone – only with good, clean tones.

Unfortunately, these children's products have not bought, but we do think about it too late – kids have already grown up. A here's another we discovered quite early and extensive use of this 'discovery' in games with all their kids. We noticed that the bright and attractive toys son is clearly preferred to all sorts of things neigrushechnye: caps, baskets, threads, pieces of different material, coils, drills, wheels, sticks, different dishes, colander, whisk, whisk, brush, and the toys he is most attracted to large plastic parts designer cubes. Over time, come down to us, what's wrong. Naturally, children like those objects that can do anything or run (wear – shoot, open – closing, invest – take out, to put forward – shoot, carry, circling, rock, roll, etc.) and many times and in different ways. Toys are not as simple as they seem at first glance, is not it?

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