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The Sun strips from the series solar C store on slat holders made of plastic, which were inserted into aluminium horizontal support. The blades themselves are simply clicked into the holder. Additional information is available at star actress. Here a patented clip system is used, which allows the gradual adjustment of blades in 15-degree increments. The Kunststoffclipse it also act as efficient sound damping elements, the noise – for example by strong rain – prevent. According to the plan of the architect not all roof surfaces should be coated with Sonnnenschutzlamellen. In the area of the cross passage areas remained unverschattet. Also, multiple window ventilation wings for the smoke and heat extraction in a case of fire (smoke ventilation systems) located in the glass roof. Here Colt international omitted from the fins in order to pollute the smoke ventilation systems not additionally statically and their function.

As regards the colour design of the Sun louvres, the planners of the Essen City Hall Gallery opted for traffic white (RAL 9016). This underlines the delicate lightness of the entire fin system and supports the reflection of light at the same time. On the entire range of gable rigid aluminium fins in three levels as another shipping shading element brought one above the other. Nets secured Gallery visitors to the work on the roof of the Town Hall Gallery all at normal audience traffic took place. To prevent hazards for visitors from any falling objects, Colt international under the umbrella of complete tense finely woven safety nets – a total of approximately 1,400 square metres. This precautionary measure was placed at night, so that during the day the work could go well secured further. In addition to the lamella system on the roof of the Atrium, Colt international installed more ver shading elements on the southern glass facade of the Town Hall Gallery.

Here were stacked rigid aluminium fins (type Colt in three levels Solar C150) attached to the entire gable width and in eight rows in a row. Unlike the sunblinds on the roof of the gallery the gable louvers are not punched. Here was the main focus of the Scheduler on an optimal protection from direct sunlight. The slat systems were attached with special brackets in galvanized steel on the facade. Solar C the longitudinal edges of the blades are bent to each other the shape of each rigid sunblinds of type – and their arrangement to each other, provide diffuse light entering the Interior. Daylight conditions adjust himself in deeper areas during the sunny months. During the heating season, so much heat through the window passes through the flat Sun that heating costs can be saved thanks to this solar gain. Contact: Colt International GmbH Dirk Osterkamp Briener road 186 47533 Kleve Tel: 02821-9900 Web:

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