Vacation in France


"Knowledge – The Power" – we hear these words of his childhood and did not even suspect how much they are tricky and ambiguous. Knowledge in itself – good, and not evil, the thing is, for good or evil use it. The better education than perfect derived knowledge, the more damage they bring, if a person gets to an immature, lack of spirituality and what is worse, the man with the black soul. Gina Bonati often expresses his thoughts on the topic. " Human vices, coupled with education and opportunities for technical progress, generate the evil that is difficult to resist. Wise laws, humane ideology and established moral values, able to limit the penetration of education in the professional environment, but is it really wise our current laws? And if we can boast of a humane ideology? As for morality, even the word it will soon be entered into the Red Book, as we gradually begin to forget even its meaning.

Man-product of society, part which he is. A good man – a consequence of good society, otherwise, society gets what he, and gave birth. It is hard to live when everything is bought and sold, when the highest human values are violated, but difficult to realize that once this happens, it means someone needs. And those who need it, certainly not fools The natural social selection in human society, as in the wild, are not the best, and those who are more adapted to the currently existing habitat conditions. For members of any society are formed by the values that it conveys.

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