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Limits Of Advertising

In my opinion, in today's world there is nothing more powerful and almost absolutely limited than advertising. Many journalists have been inclined to believe that advertising can be called if no weapons of mass destruction, to the fourth power in the media is already falls short. The most important aspect of process of advertising is a way to transmit information. Permanent leader is, of course, advertising on television as the most popular and simple at first glance kind of advertising. Ted Lasso takes a slightly different approach. This is not surprising, according to data the average Russian viewer spends watching television 233 minutes per day, equivalent to 4 hours, going to take time, which is devoted to directly view or send the movie, there is time for commercials – 12 minutes per hour, which is 48 minutes of commercials. During those 48 minutes a person gets a huge "dose" of information, which forcibly introduced into his consciousness, and later in the unconscious. And in the new situation, not at home, and for example, in-store buyer prefers, say, not the domestic brands, which are often cheaper, and foreign expensive and prestigious – Veblen goods. Get all the facts and insights with george karfukel, another great source of information. Related Group is often quoted as being for or against this.

Why? Because the man already formed an opinion that any, even the most worthy product of a foreign proceeding is strikingly better than the native counterpart. Such stereotypes are laid by the quality of marketing policy, in particular advertising. Advertising can be different: it may popularize the product and may deprive consumers of confidence in this brand. Quality video is supported by advertising gimmicks, such as associations, desires, illusions, etc.

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