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Lot and Abraham

In chapter 18 we see how Abraham was doing everything in their power to avert the impending destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. To this end he raises the Lord can not destroy the sinners the possibility that among them there are also fair. Lord, without too many arguments, you agree to negotiation. Recently real-estate developer sought to clarify these questions. At first Abraham proposed figure of 50 just to save from destruction the aforementioned cities. Lord accepts the deal. But Abraham, seeing that you can continue to negotiate, he insists again, this time lowering the figure to 45.

Lord accepts again. So Abraham continues until the deal is finally closed with 10 fair. Curiously not again speak of that covenant, as might be expected, according to subsequent events, that neither could be found in just esos10 the two whole populations. It does not seem very credible. It should be noted that the original plan was to save the slaughter of Lot, his wife, his two daughters and sons future.

Although the latter in the end decide to stay. So it was expected to save six people. But it would not hurt to remember that in another chapter, when Abraham and Lot separate, says this goes to the fertile valley of the Jordan with their wives and all their pastors. It seems logical, although the Bible makes no mention of that Lot had other children of his other women, which is extremely common among biblical characters. Presumably also among the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah would have children and nursing infants.

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