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Luta Antimanicomial

Concept of Fight Antimanicomial ALuta Antimanicomial appeared in 18 of May of 1987, the Congress of Trabalhadoresde Mental Health in Bauru-SP and consists of the National Movement of the LutAntimanicomial that is much more ample that the Psychiatric Reformation. It is social umMovimento spread by all the states of Brazil. It has as goals ofechamento of the lunatic asylums of the Country and the promotion of a culture of treatment, deconvivncia and of tolerance, in the seio of the Society, for the people psychic emsofrimento. SegundoAna Marta Lobosque, 2001, the Antimanicomial Fight discloses a polticopeculiar way of organization of the society in favor of a cause, namely: umasociedade without lunatic asylums. It is a fight of the society that does not delegate to the technician agesto of the convivncia with madness. This fight is an opened movement, muitoparticularmente, to main the involved ones, that is, the proper insane people.

Todoano in day 18 of May, is commemorated in all Country, with festejos of musics, theater, workshops to the living creature, parade-walk, at last. With much creativity, same doctors and insane people disfaram themselves of itself and leave for the streets in alegremanifesto against the model of treatment adopted for the psychiatric hospital. What It appeared First, the Psychiatric Reformation or Luta Antimanicomial? Psychiatric Areforma appeared first in Italy in 1978 and was spread emoutros countries, also in Brazil.

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