Vacation in France

Madalena Maria

It would be days or who knows months without if remembering Joo Jesus. Then it would be collated with one I smell, a music, a food, a place, a landscape, an unknown face with similar feies and it would make that it to remember of that one day was for Madalena its indestructible hero. In palco of the events wise person who that was not a lie, I only fulfilled what it waited of me. It almost begged so that I said that. She said a lie in the possible way most spontaneous so that she sounded as truth. Deturpei a little more in mine already devassados principles in the intention to help it. Funny as the people to the times they request in them so that let us lie. It would like that my eyes obeyed and spilled some tears to me.

He would seem more human. It would seem that I really imported myself. I desired to have the talent of the old carpideiras. 04h15min AM: Madalena Maria caught a change of clothes and helped to change the father. If she did not contain in the hour to pave the black satin stockings and entered in new crisis of I cry.

She washed with the proper tears the feet of Joo Jesus. She placed the tender one of fine hemp that Joo Jesus had bought has two months especially to commemorate the birth of its first grandson. She was to the hospital, she visited Samuel and she hung the fine robe in the guard clothes. In the pretty history of the tender one of fine hemp she had only two chapters: the birth and the death. Genesis and Apocalipse would perfectly summarize the history of clothes that were bought to greet the life, but that it had its great proeminence with the triunfal entrance of the DEATH. 07h00min AM: Finally the body arrived.

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