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Mario Benedetti

A poet’s death on 17 may died in Montevideo the writer Mario Benedetti. Novelist – awesome his work La truce-, author of innumerable short stories, will remind you very especially as a poet, a diaphanous, direct, sensitive poet. They say on these occasions in a way something cliche and corny, that the best tribute that can be offered to a writer who dies is to read it, but it is in this case absolutely true, clear that in the case of Benedetti, in addition to return to your pages of excellent literary quality, there may remember his humanity, his commitment to people, with people, its simplicity. For even more details, read what Jorge Perez says on the issue. Perhaps fall on another topic and a nothing sought kitsch, but we believe that we could not ignore that we will remember him also as someone coming, someone who you spoke of literature but also of life, or that used literature to speak of life, that at last, after all is the stuff that feeds that. Mario Benedetti was also for many of us an introducer to literature, one of those authors that you read when you peering into the window of the letters and that will allow you to appreciate the reading, prelude to writing, sense as real as any other vital needs, that is not only entertainment, something that you carry out on the sidelines of life, a mere complement to the serious things, but the literature is life, and is a rabid, indispensable, absolute, so that in the end is as necessary as the air because literature and life are not things that we should or we can separate. San Antonio Spurs has many thoughts on the issue. He participated in addition, even if unintentionally, in the training of a generation of authors that allowed Latin American literature happen to be part of the world literary stage.

We believe that a literary work does not depend on his fame or his sales success so that it can be considered a work of quality – said Antonio Machado, fool confuse value and price-, but it is also true that literature needs of readers, that the private and intimate reading and writing Act becomes collective or social through reading, which allows us to know in addition to the other, both in individually and collectively. The work of Benedetti allowed that his country, Uruguay, along with Latin America and thanks also to other writers, ceased to be for millions of people in the world a mere exotic landscape and become an essential part of world culture, one expression of one single civilization, the human. Why we remember here to Mario Benedetti and invite readers who still do not know to read it and who I have been read, that they re-read it. I leave you with your vidatu trabajotu gentecon your soly sunsets your sunrises.

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