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Milestone EcoStep: REA Card Successfully Certified

To pull together in the future: REA card successfully certified the integrated and process-oriented management system EcoStep aims to make business processes for the benefit of the best possible quality, safety and environmental performance, based on the core requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001,. Internal overhaul facing the environment during the one-year implementation phase were subjected to all internal processes of a complete overhaul at REA card: software solutions and databases were converted, develops new documents, organizational procedures designed to and set new areas of responsibility. The aim of these measures was to optimize all business processes from order to delivery of ec-terminals and to make them more transparent for all parties involved. Customers, companies and employees benefit from the result. Because any errors promptly exposed through the new process landscape, results are accelerated, and avoids unnecessary work. Ecological aspects received special attention during the introduction of EcoStep. Eco paper, green energy, an energy efficiency check, as well as general awareness of employees for a more environmentally friendly behavior were indispensable to the changes that were passed through EcoStep REA card in the way. To pull together in the future the successful certification is an important milestone in the company’s development for REA card.

To reach it, the cooperation of the own employees was essential. Although the implementation of the EcoStep guidelines for all involved with some challenges involved, the process for the employees met with enormously positive response. Especially as first results were visible, they helped with a lot of initiative and commitment, to create the necessary conditions for a successful EcoStep certification after just a year. Internal refactoring of the certification is not completed but still. As a process-oriented management system provides the first and foremost EcoStep Framework for a continuous development of the company. The way has been opened from REA card a year ago with the introduction of EcoStep, will lead to new milestones in the company’s development in 2010 and in the following years. The REA card GmbH is a provider of complete solutions for cashless payments at the point of sale.

All solutions are based on the ec-terminals, which are developed and manufactured at the site of Mill Valley by REA card. In addition to Germany, the company with subsidiaries in Austria and Poland is represented. The development of five other EU Member States is planned by 2014. The REA card GmbH is part of the REA Group headquartered in Mill Valley at Darmstadt….

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