Vacation in France

Muscovites Theater

The first play of the theater "Comedie Francaise" – a big event for the Muscovites, for lovers of theater and theatrical figures. I'm not speaking as a critic. To make informed critical analysis of performance is necessary to look more than once. Therefore, in my judgments today covers only the first thoughts, my admiration that I want to share with readers, with their French counterparts in Moscow and … Here he came, this great for actors and for viewers solemn moment: hushed auditorium erupted ramp silently moved apart the curtain … And then there was just what everyone had been waiting for: we saw the French classical theater the way you imagine his own, perhaps, even in childhood, leafing through the classic comedies of Moliere's edition, examining pictures to them. Modestly and accurately cleaned scene. This is true, and theatrical convention: a room with a small pavilion-only provisionally justified the prospect of walls and flooring, furnished with a mean, Moliere's characters are smart and at the same time extremely modest, historically accurate costumes.

This time next week, and the first thing we noticed – it is almost complete absence of what we call a mise en scene. What is it? Of course, this is the theater, although there is in him the realistic likelihood that we are making on our stages. Most likely, this is a great read Moliere's verse, accompanied by movement and gestures. This kind of game, it was a game in which the actor retains its individuality, strikes us a brilliant speech skill, grace and expressiveness of gesture, restrained avarice, which is so in harmony with the parsimony and elegance of the picturesque and graphic design, traditional to Moliere's play. Everything is based on a good, good taste superb artistic calculation, where the actor in essentially remains itself. The impression is that the main task of the actor is the exact message of the text of Moliere.

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