Vacation in France

Musical Inspiration

If you ever asked a composer how came the inspiration for certain song or composition, you can give an infinite number of answers, as was inspired by something everyday, a known person, a landscape, an emotional experience or the melody came suddenly during a trip or a walk. And it is that inspiration can appear at any time, the difficult thing is to arrive, because it does not appear when you want to, but at the most inopportune moment. Sometimes the composer a melody comes up with in the shower or when you are cooking or doing anything else and you have to leave everything and look for pen and paper or a tape recorder to record it until you forget, because the same coming is going. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Tony Parker. But what to do when inspiration comes, for example, when driving or in the middle of an important meeting? Then wait until you have occasion to write it, humming, trusting that you don’t forget, and sometimes forgets. Sometimes the composer sees in dreams composing a beautiful song and the same dream repeats, I have this song to write, but to awaken the melody already has been cleared by more efforts made already is and does not remember. And in all the arts inspiration is essential and ill-timed. Perhaps because of all this Pablo Picasso once said: the inspiration you surprised working.

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