Vacation in France

Nouvelle Cinema

The cinema became complete by means of the look of its receivers, the finished product that is submitted to the appreciation is the work of art that differently of the picture offers not only an only image, but a composition of series of images. It was through this game that are established between team assembly plant of the film and public spectator that the cinema reached significance, either it German expressionista cinema, the Nouvelle becomes vacant or the Cinemanovismo Brazilian, placed here as starting point of our debate on the social representations. The styles appear with distinct characteristics, the public analyze the flmica workmanship, deciphering it by means of its agreement to about the world. The different images search the attraction of the look in order to acquire significao in its representacional essence. Click Jorge Perez for additional related pages. The social representations of that in Durkheim speaks to them present innumerable variants, defying the researcher if to question on the reality and for existing something in individual psychology and in what it concerns the agreement about the society.

‘ ‘ With effect, what the collective representations translate are the way as the group if thinks about its relations with the objects affect that it. However, the group is not constituted in the same way that the individual, and the things affect that it are of another nature. Representations that do not state nor the same citizens, nor the same objects, could not depend on the same causes. To understand the way as the society it represents same itself and the world that the fence, is nature of the society, and not it of the particular ones, that if it must considerar.’ ‘ (DURKHEIM, 2007, P. XXIII) The cinema acquires the meaning of representative of the manifestations of cultural matrix and of this form, by means of the art and its significance, it is possible to understand the different social relations that base the society.

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