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In this work we will present the way covered for Darc Coast, when analyzing the paper of the ideas in the reconstruction of our thought front to the Modern State, in its text: ‘ ‘ Planning in the Formation of the National State Moderno’ ‘ , Darc Coast describes ‘ ‘ beddings filosficos’ ‘ of the boarded question ‘ ‘ since that the man appeared in terra’ ‘ to conclude that the national interest and the nationalism are categories central offices ‘ ‘ of the set of ideas that the dream of Nao’ folloies; ‘. In the topic ‘ ‘ the ideas and the Nacional’ State; ‘ , Darc Coast analyzes, initially, as this philosophical interaction, in the field of the ideas, was if giving and as the predominance occidental person if it made. Since that the man exists if presented the necessity to add, that the author uses the term ‘ ‘ cooptar’ ‘ , the nature to continue living. Without the aggregation of the nature to the man it would not obtain to survive and the primitive form, as it executed this aggregation, was to the physical interaction of its body with nature – what we know as work. This primitive form still is present today, but it had added other forms of aggregation In its text, Darc Coast walks for the philosophical side, using the thought of some scholars, detaching the thought of Hegel.

She tells the sprouting of the philosophy, when the man was set free per some instants of its necessity to add the nature physically. In old Greece, the man if freed of the physical interaction of its body with the nature during some moments and could ‘ ‘ pensar’ ‘ on its proper existence. when making this, when mounting this philosophical system that is ample, of certain form, Hegel takes the predominance of the idea occidental person to everybody, either for the three branches central offices that follow the hegeliana vision, either for the proper positivista vision, all of certain form construct a process where the civilization occidental person today, without a doubt some, has in the philosophy its great ideology..

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