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Santa Maria Cathedral San Niclas

Compliance with a reasonable dress code, as well as a photo ban in the Interior of the Cathedral are strictly monitored. To the Cathedral around many small alleys, as well as the Hauptfuszlig, speed zone are located, where are many There are restaurants. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Jorge Perez. Day tourists should bear in mind that the city dwellers a siesta and close most of the shops in the small side streets of approx. 12 to 15 or 16: 00. You can customize the behavior of the Spaniards in this city. Combipix advises you to do this morning to wander through the shops, in the siesta make sunbathing on the beach, to stroll the streets again in the afternoon. You should control the Church of Santa Maria Cathedral San Niclas as rough direction. Get with the main pedestrian zone, as well as most of the small side streets.

Prior to the square of the Church of Santa Maria is offers you a wonderful view on the Castle Castillo de Santa Barbara. Of course again a dress regulations and a photo is in the Church of Santa Maria. 2nd stage: Explanada de Espana and the town beach: probably hafigste photo is probably the Explanada and Esplanada de Espana. And rightly so is to mention that this strolling mile will not be missing on your day trip. The floor mosaic, the Palm tree plantings, many pensioners, who in the afternoon hours anywhere with their folding chairs sit and loudly about world politics the small shops and cafes that advertise to customers are advised, or simply just some of the wonderful images of that you will encounter on the Explanda. As a further attraction of this section is the City Park. The most beautiful view on the beach (platja del Postiguet), the apartments and the fortress Castillo de Santa Barbara has the mole, which begins at the beach station.

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