Vacation in France


Here you have the opportunity to engage in virtually any sport. From communicating with the students know that they give preference to the game of football. Universities often hold competitions. The Czech team can compete with Russian or Ukrainian, and some teams have a mixed composition. In addition, public universities Czech Training is a compulsory subject. – What our students prefer to do in your spare time? – When students come to the Czech Republic, we always offer them a city tour, visit local attractions, as they have the opportunity to visit theaters, museums, cinemas, but some more interest are public places such as cafes, discos, etc.

– The student can safely return at night, such as discos, no fear, or should it take precautions? Is it safe in the Czech Republic? – Just recently I read the safety rating of the world. According to the Czech Republic is rated for 12 seats on Security – this is a very good indicator. Although, of course, is always better to be cautious. – Were there any incidents with our students? – No, the incident never happened, but cases of pocket thefts occur in Prague. – A in general, as the Czechs are our students? – Bohemia – a very hospitable people, so the communication problems between students arise. – What is the attitude of teachers of Czech universities to students from the cis countries? What they have reputation among teachers? – It depends on how diligent student. Bad if the student does not know the language, whereas with harder work, but in any case, teachers give students a chance to improve their results.

– When Czech universities offer scholarships? – Public universities in the Czech Republic does not provide scholarships, with regard to commercial institutions, they offer discounts on tuition. If the student is – successful, he may at the next academic year to give a discount of up to 300 euros, depending on its ratings. – Are there any internships? As they pass? – Internships are for 3 course. Universities are places for their passage, some students find themselves a place to practice. Internship lasts six months and not paid, but if the student is like an employer, he may propose a formal workplace. Czech employers are interested in good professionals, they are not everywhere missing. – When the students' vacation? How do they spend? – The main holidays in the Czech universities, as elsewhere, in the summer. Their duration depends on how quickly a student will pass all the exams. Relax students before October 1. Y some get to pass all the exams in early June. On vacation, most guys are going home – visit the parents, someone involved in the Work & Travel program in America, some remain and work part time in the Czech Republic. PS: As you see, life our students in the Czech Republic varied and rich. In addition to learning from the guys enough time for sports, entertainment, socializing with friends. The boys live in comfortable dormitories, and can safely walk the streets at night Czech cities. And in case you encounter any problems – the students always have to turn to for help! Parents, you can not worry about your children!

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