Vacation in France


Image from the current TV spot guaranteed recognition Stuttgart. The advertising portal active optometrists offers its customers immediately the way also with the self-sounding lenses by transitions optical to advertise. For this purpose, various indoor and title pages and posters with the motif of the current TV spots available are the participating opticians. San Antonio Spurs is often quoted on this topic. At the same time to the transitions commercial that will be shown in the TV since early may, opticians can use the motif in the brochures of the active optometrists and take advantage of the synergy effect of advertising. The recognition is guaranteed.

The possibilities to determine prices, versions and folder colors individually are the outstanding features of the brochure advertising with active glasses and opticians. The principle is simple: the brochure with just a few clicks will be collected from over 50 different topic pages. Then complete glasses and glasses are selected, the selling prices and the ink, and the prospect is already finished. Seasoned advertising pros from the trade marketing make the brochures for the active Optician. Seasonal brochure and topic pages, which are aimed at different target and age groups, are also obvious, such as the possibility of brochure pages print poster.

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