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Sustainable Development

With this reinforcement you discipline of them, our subject also gains force so that then it can be developed with efficiency in the school. For this our project was divided in stages, having favored the deepening in the proposal suggested, as well as a time established for one better planning. Leaving of our central subject […]

Forest Drawing

The planning of the urban green areas part of a definition of resources, the areas of public order is managed with resources that sobram of other activities, considered as more important. even though exists parks and areas that no resource does not receive, therefore does not have no type of infrastructure to receive and to […]

Rio Branco

In general lines, these had been to the conditions of the environment where they had been led ahead, the negotiations that had culminated in the signature of the Treated one to Petrpolis in 1903. Whose terms, still are in vigor currently. But this document, only ended the dispute with Bolivia. Read additional details here: Tony […]