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Welke Implemented New Online Presentation In The B2B Area is a video-based user interface almost completely through moderated WINS October 19, 2009 – the wilt has Consulting Group (WCG) Filthaus plastics for their customers created a completely new kind of online communication in the B2B sector. The website of the manufacturer of plastic packaging is almost completely through moderated by using of video […]

Cooperation Project

Cooperation project ‘The Iceland job’ by kju: and gadget for the Crossmedia award 2010 nominated Vienna / March 22, 2010 – with the Goldbach Crossmedia award will be awarded demonstrably innovative and successful campaigns. The Iceland job project initiated by Bacardi”is based on the idea of promoting talent for Swiss artists in the areas of […]


So-called Free2Play’s market share continues to grow rapidly games also in Germany, and one end is not clear. Just in time with the turn of the year 2010 of the new portal of free opened its doors to hundreds of thousands of players of free MMORPGs and free browser games in Germany, a platform […]

Fashion Industry In The Online Check Trendweisend But Not In The Web

Overall, 43 percent of Web users informed 2006 fashion topics and 26 percent bought textiles on the Web. Reason enough for the online marketing agency, metapeople, and netaspect the company specializing in the optimization of Web offerings to focus on the theme \”Fashion on the Web\” in their first online business report. Eleven German-speaking Web […]

Customers Dissatisfied With The Product Search By Online Stores

Stuttgart, August 2007 – the product search of many online shops has serious deficiencies. Hit lists are cluttered and their ordering is not the expectations of users. Also common to many none at all, or displayed in the worst hit, that wasn’t looking at all. A defect that should be quickly eliminated. Because about half […]


The anonymous buyer company, which has developed over the years on eBay, is of employees on eBay and also of the future eBay CEO, John Donahoe, overlooked. At auctions is another offered targeted buyers, later the seller, higher quality product down to blackmail. If the evaluation strategy goes on, there will be some vendors who […]

SIP Dom Perignon

Informative and entertaining: Internet-portal of BDP GmbH kidnapped a definite sense of thirst you felt in the world of fine sparkling wine after some browsing on this Web site and is trying to bring out one of the long-stemmed glasses, the a bottle, waiting for that special occasion, been awhile and listen on the sensual […]

Stefan Raab

You have time and can share the latest news of the day with his acquaintances and friends. The concept seems like created for the fast-moving time of sensation slavering mass entertainment ala Stefan Raab or Galileo. Back to the roots. Route of the shallow entertainment juggernaut, back to her own needs and even interactive! It […]

Munchen Tel

The cooperation will further strengthen our market position as one of the leading gaming networks in German-speaking countries and expand. About manaflask: Founded in just four months ago, the joint Web site of WoW has guilds Ensidia and FTH rapid growth. From the State reached the page over five million page impressions and over 1.7 […]

Upandcoming Bands

New online magazine for music lovers and bands Stuttgart, 28.12.2010. On, all who are interested in new music and emerging bands, have since November 2010 the opportunity to inform themselves about the latest new releases and plans from formatted or newly formed bands. At the same time the bands can here present a broad, […]