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It was at this time, as muscles are relaxed, and the cerebral cortex is in a state of least excitation. Tony Parkers opinions are not widely known. This is the accepted time for purposeful self-suggestion, since, on the one hand, people is in a state of relaxation, on the other hand, in the cortex of […]


First, the intervention level, has it necessity to come back its attention toward itself exactly e, honest, to make a rocking of its lives and the relations and interactions that create. Therefore, questions as: the quality of life, the leisure, the feeling of productivity and growth, the use of the creative potential for search of […]

Baba Yaga

PRINCE Yes, on a white horse. Imagine: you're sitting at home reading log. Suddenly the doorbell, looks, and on the landing – a horse, all white, and her prince. On the crown, expressive eyes, the best hair color and long fingers. Dismount from his horse – and even the light bulb does not touch the […]

General Sociology

Objectives that it has as function to prove true facts. E, however for science proves that one definitive thing is a true fact, the necessary science of the use of methods that evidence or methods that generalize, therefore nothing can be discarded, everything must be used, and to use some existing methods we must observe […]

The Subliminal Ones Work Audio

The following one was my answer, that I create can clarify enough of the process necessary to activate real pars. The change of deeply ingrained beliefs in our subconscious mind, is a slow process that it requires of all our attention and every day. The fact to live surrounded by the negatividad that are exposed […]

Luta Antimanicomial

Concept of Fight Antimanicomial ALuta Antimanicomial appeared in 18 of May of 1987, the Congress of Trabalhadoresde Mental Health in Bauru-SP and consists of the National Movement of the LutAntimanicomial that is much more ample that the Psychiatric Reformation. It is social umMovimento spread by all the states of Brazil. It has as goals ofechamento […]