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Response Management

PRODATA assumes the response management of the current action ‘Switzerland meets Europe’. Charles Vogele Switzerland boutique chain can handle your multilingual mailing and POS-response of all European stores by PRODATA, capture and qualify marketing optimized. A rapid processing of large amounts can be ensured through the use of trained professionals, State of the art hardware, […]

Chief Executive Officer

The reutax ag ‘Best Performer’ in the dynamic staffing market in Heidelberg, November 4, 2008 nobody in the highly competitive segment of the recruiters for IT and engineering professionals is growing in this country faster than the reutax AG. The market for recruitment, placement and control a freelance project staff in Germany showed this the […]

Football League

Recently I was interviewed by a PhD student to the topic ‘ agent negotiating his doctorate. Recently, I was interviewed by a PhD student PhD titled “Agent negotiation”. Thus, negotiations are meant, which directs an external negotiation leader, what I offer so inter alia that under the keywords transaction monitoring and Ghost negotiation. In the […]

Artland Marketing

Grosstmoglichster success for the craft trade enterprises aims through the bundling of several together coordinated marketing activities. Add to your understanding with Glenn Dubin. Marketing is totally easy. “Quickly is an ad in the newspaper and already people are beating down the place me” who thinks so at the present time, will quickly realize that […]


The Agency for new media – Arno Balzer opens with Dr. Juchheim of cosmetics a new environment the cosmetics shop-integriert shop partner solution components are matched exactly to each other and be processed according to procedures without preservatives. The result: Sensational immediately effects, coupled with impressive long-term effect. The best part is that these effects […]

Siedenburg King

Metal window classic now also own production to multiple customer demand has nameplates systems Siedenburg which badges metal window classic resumed in the range! This badge will be printed in a digital printing process, where the logo introduced in the paint coating of the aluminium front and is so very abrasion resistant and solvent resistant […]

Longer Companies

With SEPA, company business processes to optimize conversion 2014. Frankfurt, February 14, 2013 SEPA (single euro payments area) will be introduced from February 2014. With the SEPA credit transfers and direct debits, changeover 2014 must expire after the SEPA scheme. SEPA has the unification of previously used, different national payment procedures for the target. Educate […]

International Sculpture Festival

A car that has a lot with beach, lounge music and party to do: the new SEAT IBIZA. “” It is again: the biggest and most beautiful sandbox “Berlin opens its doors for the 6th time: SANDSATION” – the International Sculpture Festival gathered again the most renowned sand sculpture artists from around the world. SANDSATION […]

Dell Siemens

In terms of technical helpdesk for IT products and electrical appliances, the call center and outsourcing service provider Yndeo and Siemens have agreed to close cooperation. Siemens has extensive experience in the design of international help desk solutions. The Yndeo-Siemens joint venture middle class mainly focuses on multilingual projects in the segment. To read more […]

Framework Conditions

While banks will again want to securitize SME mezzanine, more and more companies over individual mezzanine products Gottingen self-financing, June 27, 2008 for the first time since the sub-prime mortgage crisis a recovery of the market for securitised mezzanine suggests. Medium-sized companies but not waiting for the securitization, but strengthen their equity itself with innovative […]