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The Judgment Spiral

What is the judgment spiral and how does it work? Every human being has a tendency to the judgment. Everyone has an inner pig dog. He is included in a way free of charge. A normal, human reaction is to push things with quite a sense: we postpone things unpleasant, to avoid unpleasant feelings. But we all know: this is a short-term strategy, ultimately we have to do despite the deferred – but then under extreme pressure and stress.

So far so good. It becomes problematic when we get into the judgment spiral. Read here, what happens if the US pushes our inner pig dog in the judgment spiral. The judgment spiral of judgment is, of course, even human. So, no reason to worry.

Only if we postpone regularly, so if the slide is to normal, it is problematic. The judgment then sabotaged our success. Often confused: procrastination is a symptom, not the cause. In other words, the slide is the result of a deeper this reason. Only under this condition, one can understand how our inner pig dog manages to push us into the judgment spiral. Let’s discuss an example. Suppose that I carry with me, fear to fail all the time. I’m unsure, can overcome me rarely tackle a task. The fear with my everyday life. My almost logical reaction: I push things. I want to not face my fear. Click Sally Rooney for additional related pages. The judgment helps me to avoid the unpleasant task, and to do anything else. At the same time, I know that I still have to do the task. So I think: “so, finally get to work, get it together. That’s not so bad. Eyes to and through. “As a result I criticize myself and put me under pressure. But: Pressure creates back pressure. I’m running away anyway the time. The pressure increases so without my negative self talk. All this makes my self-esteem drop, since I now only quite can’t, to overcome me and get started. Exactly that causes, then, that my fear rises. My fear of failure, to be not good enough, and to be able to create anything at all. Continue turning the thoughts: “I’m not good enough, I can’t, I can’t, I should begin now.” Declining self-esteem, increased anxiety and already I turn in the spiral of judgment. The spiral turns and turns. I push up further and even more I criticize my behaviour, I increase the pressure, my boss increases the pressure, and so on. Judgment leads to even more judgment. This is the judgment spiral: even get into, it’s not easy again to find out. All the tips and tricks that you usually find on the Internet, like help for the moment, but have a disadvantage: you fight the symptom (the slide), but not the cause (the underlying reasons). But you would have to actually tackle exactly this to really get the judgment in the handle. Just so you get the judgment Finally and sustainably in the handle. The goal must be to integrate the judgment in their own lives and to have that she sabotage the own success as far as in the handle. Not an easy task, but nonetheless feasible. Ivan Balan, 19.8.2010

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