Vacation in France

The Rails

Anonymous Drugs, legal or illegal, are of great importance for increasing the intensity of the sensory-social klabbinga by which the perception of clubs sharply different from that of other spatial and temporal worlds. Club drugs can help the generation of diverse experiences. Each of them has its own "set and setting" that can grow and sometimes dull, depending on the context and audience in a particular club. Ecstasy facilitated the transformation of people's perceptions of a good party. It made the transition to a new social and sensory perception night who had a little to do with a drunken preceded him an outdoor party.

This transition has helped the club to outline a model of how it wants to see party-goers – a place with a rich atmosphere. This model was modified, along with fashion and drugs. Ecstasy – just one of many drugs now play a major role for the party. Immersion in the character of the intoxication and changes over time. He gets his scheme, and people's knowledge about the preferred drug with experience deepens. Many years after the drug was not "moved down the rails," and purchased chemical literacy. This process is not simple and insecure, but this risk seems largely justified, because carried out in the waves get high time to add something significant to their lives. Aura club in a good vibe infects, like a virus, and a good promoter can use it to give people more than they expected to get at the party.

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