Vacation in France

The Seat

Pulling the strings agent is decomposed into two components, one that is primarily devoted to the string axis and ensures the necessary tension, the other, a small (its magnitude depends on the angle of inclination), directed along the axis of chopping and tends toward verbilbanka peg more "imbedded" in the seat, thereby improving its functionality. Of course, as the string tension, the steel pin "crush" the wooden parts of the frame tube and verbilbanka and, consequently, its angle of inclination decreases, but the tools made from high quality raw materials, the angle is still positive. As the operation of the instrument, after a few settings, the angle Tilt chopping gradually decreases at zero angle (perpendicular to its location relative to the plane verbilbanka), the force tending "countersunk" pin, also becomes zero, with further developments on the peg again have two forces, the force required for pulling the strings (it does not change, since it is necessary to ensure the required frequency of vibration of the string), while the second force tends to pull the pin is of the seat. He was "actively resisting" caught like a nail notch, its knurled, but there is a limit. Friction force providing necessary tension strings already proves insufficient due that "pulled" force with increasing angle chopping is constantly increasing. When you try to adjust, peg does not remain at the desired position, but simply turned inside to the balance of power, when the tension strings, combined with the power of "pulls" pin becomes equal to the force of friction that is no longer sufficient, the string "nizit." So what happens when the seat of the chopping nestroyuschego repair clogged peg? At the time of plugging pin tends to follow the least resistance, inevitably enters into the hole is not at right angles, but with a shift down, as this contributes worked out of the timber, which is to repair did not provide a moment of friction with the "native" pins.

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