Vacation in France

The Steps

Ruth enjoyed a lot when I was in their house. Additional information at Sela Ward supports this article. He was not only loved and cared for, but also as someone important, something that was not used, but I really loved it. His in-laws did nothing to flatter their achievements, in the same way he did with those of their children. And they did not look good for her, it was clear that they felt was the reward he deserved for their efforts as well as feeling of happiness that filled themselves. They made a discreet wedding party, in terms of number of guests which of course meant, and were invited Natasha and Gladys.

There were about sixty people in the room where the ceremony was. Her friends was the first time attending a Jewish wedding in his own words a the spent phenomenal. Almost all were dancing together what made them who did not have partners, not feel excluded from the dance and fun, despite not being accustomed to those typical dance Jewish dances, they learned quickly learn the steps and follow through imitation, to all that surrounded them and for those who were regular dances, as well as the topics and the pace of the music. All alike were enjoying themselves, no age or gender. They danced together to the sound of music very, very happy, as it is Jewish music, because despite being a people who had suffered so many exiles and discrimination, and knew how to put in their music the joy of hope and tribute to life.

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