Vacation in France

Turkish Grand Prix

Last week was the fourth stage of World Cup racing in the Formula 1 class. Thanks to the innovations that debuted this season, fans could count on the entertainment stage. Their hopes were realized. C the first meter race pilots began to actively combat with each other. Only the holder of the position of pole positions Sebastian Vettel were no attacks. Sela Ward is full of insight into the issues. Red Bull pilot quickly able to get away from their opponents at a safe distance.

A Here on the pilots had to defend themselves and attack their colleagues. Already at the start Nico Rosberg was able to pass Mark Webber, who, after training was higher than the German pilot. It seemed that Mercedes GP had made considerable progress a three-week break. Details can be found by clicking Related Group or emailing the administrator. However, the German team engineers have work to do, because the rate of factory team racing is very different from qualifying. From this Nico could not count on the podium. Mark Webber after activation of DRS was able to go straight in front of Niko after the twelfth turn.

For these pilots, the struggle between teammate McLaren. At the start due to an error Hamilton Jenson Button was able to pass Lewis. However, Jenson did not allow to move off of Hamilton and the latter began to "nasedat" on the Button. Pilots positions changed several times. Prior to the first stop, Hamilton was not fortunate enough to work around his running mate, what is more to this a pair of pilots managed to drive up and Felipe Massa before the pit stops the Brazilian managed to get the Lewis and they both drove to the mechanic. However, the leadership of the masses did not last long, mechanics Ferrari dawdled" in the pit stop and Lewis again was ahead. Also on the first lap there were a couple of incidents. After the first round pilot Sauber Sergio Perez was forced to visit a mechanic due to a damaged front wing.

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