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Viktor Yanukovych

The current President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych June 24 this year, held a meeting in the capital of the Council of Regions, as the press office of the head of state of Ukraine. The main issue at the meeting was the state State Personnel policies and development strategies for the future years 2011-2020. President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych said that he has lifted the issue at a cabinet meeting, which was earlier and more extended. President Victor Yanukovych is confident that without a legal and institutional and financial foundations of the state personnel policies, the state can not count on the success of far-reaching reforms. These reforms need our politicians will be put into practice almost everywhere in the Ukrainian society. And that is what is the purpose of the meeting held on 24 June.

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych said that all participants in the meeting, he proposed to get acquainted with project of the state personnel policy of Ukraine till 2020. And Viktor Yanukovych noted that the project involves identifying the main problems in the personnel policy. That is a personnel policy in public administration economic, social, humanitarian and scientific spheres, and so on. This is the scope and define the main objectives of the first steps towards achieving these goals, as President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich. But also the current president Viktor Yanukovych noted that some topics presented at the meeting of the Council of Regions of the document, devoted to problems of social dialogue, as well as gender politics. Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych said that something needed to be urgently addressed in order to meet the staff and the state government and the people, as well as ensure sustainable socio-economic development of Ukrainian society. So that the current President of Ukraine are determined to make changes in Ukrainian politics that is to change frames and change society forever Ukrainian.

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